Los Angeles
  Paralegal Association

Board of Directors


 Terry Wright, ACP


Executive Vice President  Bobby T. Rimas

Vice President of Membership & Policy

 Tony Sipp
Vice President of Marketing
& Planning
   Jonathan Dang

Secretary Pro Tem                     Herbert Ortiz

Treasurer   MarianneToghia 

Directors at Large

  Maria Teresa Bravo

  Paula Delp, ACP su110300@gmail.com  

  Doug Kuhn, ACP

 Donna Reznick-Goodich  

 David Torres


  Terri Walters, CCP   twalters@brgslaw.com    

Advisory Board

  Susan Oder, Esq.                 


Maria Teresa Bravo


LAPA Administrative Manager

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   Tracey Booth

Association Representatives

NALA Liaison   www.nala.org

Bobby Rimas   Bobby.Rimas@alumni.ucla.edu

Schools Liaison and Speakers' Bureau info@lapa.org


CAPA Representatives www.caparalegal.org

David Torres

Paula Delp, ACP su110300@gmail.com  

California State Bar Liaison
Donna Reznick-Goodich
San Fernando Valley
Bar Liaison
Marianne Toghia
School Liaison Jonathan Dang
LAPA's Newsletter,
The Reporter


LAPA Committees & Sections

LAPA is currently looking for volunteers to serve on committees and sections. If you would like to chair or serve on one of the committees or sections listed, please send an email to info@lapa.org and admin@lapa.org.

Bankruptcy Law Section

Budget & Finance Committee Marianne Toghia, Chair
Compliance Committee Tony Sipp, Chair
Corporate/Real Estate Law Section Open
Certified Paralegal (CP) Review CommitteeMichelle Tabb,  CP, Chair
Downtown Section Jonathan Dang, Co-Chair
David Torres, Co-Chair
Employment Law Section Terri Walters, CCP, Chair
Family Law Section Open
Immigration Law SectionBobby T. Rimas, Chair
Intellectual Property & Finance Law Section Marianne Toghia, Chair
Legislative Committee Open
Litigation Section Open
Marketing Committee Jonathan Dang, Co-Chair
David Torres, Co-Chair
MCLE Review Committee Donna Reznick-Goodich, Chair
Membership Committee Maria Teresa Bravo, Co-Chair
Tony Sipp, Co-Chair
Newsletter Committee Bobby T. Rimas, Co-Chair
Herbert Ortiz, Co-Chair
Nominations and Elections Committee Andrea Mitchell, Co-Chair
Kimberly Bradley, ACP,
Online Education Section Open
Paralegal Certification CommitteeMichelle Tabb, Co-Chair
Terry Wright, ACP, Co-Chair
Parliamentarian Donna Reznick-Goodich
Probate & Estate Planning Section Open
Pro Bono & Community
Services Committee
Herbert Ortiz, Chair
San Fernando Valley Section Marianne Toghia, Chair
Santa Clarita SectionMarianne Toghia, Co-Chair
Terry Wright, ACP Co-Chair
Scholarship Committee Jonathan Dang, Chair
South Bay Section Paula Delp, Chair
Student Advisory Committee Jonathan Dang, Chair
Website Committee

Herbert Ortiz, Chair

Westside Section Doug Kuhn, ACP
Spring Career Conference Jonathan Dang, Chair
October Conference Terry Wright, ACP, Chair
Holiday Benefit Gala Open













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