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Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee promotes collaboration, coordination, and communication to advance LAPA’s goal to eliminate bias and enhance diversity and inclusion throughout the Association, legal profession, and justice system.

Membership Diversity

We are comprised of members from all across Los Angeles...and beyond.

We value new and longstanding members alike.

We have alumni from over 70 educational institutions.

We bring together a wealth of diverse work experience.


Diversity and Activities For Your Team

Set the goal of activities to be both increased interpersonal understanding and increased awareness of things like privilege, not either/or.

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List of Social Justice Tool Box Activities

The Social Justice Toolbox is a resource hub for free, curated, ready-to-rock activities and facilitation guides.

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DEI Reading List

Leading change toward diversity is an area of expertise with its own knowledge base and professional practitioners. Click for a list of books recommended by EDUCAUSE community members

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Inclusion in Law Firms Should Be About Everyone—Not Just Lawyers

Too many firms leave nearly half of their employees out of diversity and inclusion efforts, only partially delivering on the the full commitment that clients expect.

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Communicating in a Multigenerational Workplace

Understanding the uniqueness of each generation in our workforce is a step toward thriving in our careers.

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Top tips for organizations to make progress toward inclusivity

Somber lessons for the legal profession and clients' organizations about the need to identify and root out bias in their policies, practices and culture.

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