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LAPA's 41st Annual October Conference

  • 07 Oct 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Hilton Los Angeles North / Glendale & Executive Meeting Center, 100 West Glenoaks Boulevard, Glendale, California 91202


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Attend various legal seminars, meet with GREAT legal service providers, network, and much more!

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Schedule of events:


Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibitors / Resume Tune-up


Welcoming Remarks


General Session -- Ethics MCLE with Al Menaster: "Can We Protect Our Clients But Avoid Lying?" (Main Ball Room) 


Breakout Sessions #1 (See descriptions below)


Visit our Exhibitors & Explore Your Possibilities with Experienced Paralegals


Lunch, Keynote Address & Awards presentation


Breakout Sessions #2  (See descriptions below)


General Session -- Ethics MCLE with Thomas Pokladowski, Esq. "Practicing Professional Responsibilities" (Main Ball Room)

Morning Breakout Session Descriptions:

Corporate Compliance Investigations with Matt Soskins, Esq.

"Performing & Surviving Internal Investigations" - This presentation will discuss types of internal investigations, best practices, the attorney-client privilege, and remembering and prioritizing to whom duties are owed.

Employment Law with Linda Hurevitz, Esq.

“The Importance of Managing Documents and Chronologies in Litigated Cases Going to Trial” - When cases go to trial, it is all about the facts and not the law.  Assuring that the trial attorney has the facts and the evidence straight is vital. It also simplifies not only the presentation of the case at trial but also preparation of the trial pleadings.

Legal Research with Ryan Methany

“Dos and Don’ts of Legal Citation“ - The technical rules of how to cite cases and statutes can confuse even the most seasoned legal professional. Law firms must follow these rules in every document filed with a court – and so the legal professional with a firm grasp on Bluebook and Style Manual methods of citation can prove extremely valuable. In this class, learn to master the fundamentals of citing common types of legal authority.

Legal Writing – Nicole Faudree, Esq.

Importance of Legal Writing Fundamentals.” - Writing is the main way lawyers and paralegals communicate with clients, the courts, co-workers, and opposing parties.  Making sure the basics are mastered is paramount.  This workshop will present the fundamentals in a fun and inviting way.

Litigation (1) --  David Gurnick, Esq.

“Responding to Online Negativity from Adversaries and Clients:  Practical, Legal and Ethical Considerations” - We’ve all seen and heard how a bad review can harm a business. How can attorneys, paralegals and legal staff help protect the company’s and your own good name and reputation?  What preventive measures can be taken and what responses are proper to online negativity? David Gurnick will provide insight into dealing, fighting and challenging online negativity with examples, references and citations.

Litigation (2) – Joshua Schein, Esq.

“Social Media and Litigation (From the first incriminating post through presentation at trial)” - Social media plays a key role in starting litigation, and sometimes ending it.  From discovery of (alleged) wrongdoing, proper preservation and punishment for spoliation, and through presentation in trial, every aspect of litigation is affected by social media.  This presentation will take a look at how social media plays a role in the profession from both a practical and a procedural standpoint.

Criminal Law – Holly Harpham, Esq.

In this session, we will discuss DUID cases, changes to the law (Prop 64, McNeely, Arredondo, changes to the DMV, etc.), marijuana cases, toxicology and THC.

Afternoon Breakout Session Descriptions:

Contract Law with Gayland Hethcoat, II, Esq.

“The Nuts and Bolts of California Contract Law” - This is a “Contracts 101” presentation, with a focus on healthcare contracts such as physician and hospital related agreements.  After providing an overview of the key theoretical and practical considerations to drafting and ensuring that any commercial and/or business contract is legally enforceable, our speaker will discuss some of the key regulatory and operational factors (e.g., the Stark law) that have a significant impact with respect to physician contracts.

E-Discovery (Advanced) with Don Swanson & Attorney

“How Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Changing Discovery” - In this fast-paced and informative session, Don Swanson of Five Star Legal and Compliance Systems, will showcase Microsoft Office 365 eDiscovery and IBM Watson-enabled Legalmation. Topics covered will include: Office 365: New techniques required for email and documents that reside in the Microsoft cloud; Machine Learning: How computers are displacing humans in large scale review projects; and IBM Watson: How Legalmation leverages AI to disrupt traditional approaches to lawyer work.

Intellectual Property Law with Ronald Perez, Esq.

"Patent Prosecution - Complying with the Duty of Disclosure in U.S. Patent Applications" - This presentation will provide guidance for the paralegal assisting patent attorneys and agents with complying with the Duty of Disclosure in U.S. patent applications.  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rules and procedures regarding the Duty of Disclosure will be reviewed.  Specific examples will be provided for preparing and filing Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) as required by the USPTO.  Best practices for identifying, obtaining and preparing references such as domestic patents and publications, foreign patents and publications and non-patent literature to be included in an IDS will be discussed.

Probate with Kathleen Duke, Esq.

“The Life Cycle of a Probate (& Secrets from Behind the Bench)” - This presentation will describe the big picture of probate as well as the major steps in administering a decedent’s estate under the supervision of the probate court.  Kathleen will share insights gained by reviewing and preparing “probate notes” for hundreds of attorney and paralegal-drafted petitions in her capacity as a Probate Attorney for the Probate Dept. of the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Her information and advice will help you navigate through an estate administration from the initial petition, to the final distribution of the decedent’s assets.

E-filing with Brooke Greene

“eFiling and eService in California” - Electronic court filing is fast arriving in California’s courts. While there are many advantages to filing and serving electronically, making the transition to eFiling may mean big changes in how you prepare documents and submit them to court. In California, attorneys and legal professionals are permitted to choose an eFiling service from among several certified providers. These providers incorporate additional features that can help you to file faster and comply with new eFiling rules and requirements. In this training, Ms. Greene will give an overview of the rules and requirements of eFiling in California, which courts are eFiling, and a live demonstration of how to place a transaction with One Legal.

Workers’ Compensation with Nikki Jacobson, Esq.

“California Workers' Compensation:  Introduction to Cumulative Trauma Claims (AKA: Wear & Tear Claims, Repetitive Injury Claims)”There are two types of injuries a worker can suffer while at work.  First, there is the “specific injury.”  A specific injury is what most people think about when it comes to a work injury. For example, if you lift something heavy and hurt your back.  “Cumulative trauma” (CT) injuries are the second type of work injury.  Cumulative trauma injuries are also known as “repetitive injuries" or "wear & tear" injuries.  This program will introduce you to California cumulative trauma laws, issues, claims and litigation.

Professional Development (CLA/ACP) with Lee Paige

(No MCLE Credit) - Learn how you can reach this mark of excellence at this year’s LAPA October Conference with speaker Lee Paige, CLA, who will share with you information about this prestigious exam, eligibility requirements, exam subject matter, the new format for this exam effective January 2018, requirements for taking the online exam, study methods and tips for successful completion.

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