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LAPA's 42nd Annual October Conference

  • 13 Oct 2018
  • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Hilton Los Angeles North / Glendale & Executive Meeting Center, 100 West Glenoaks Boulevard, Glendale, California 91202


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Attend various legal seminars, meet with GREAT legal service providers, network, and much more!

Schedule of events:


Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibitors / Resume Tune-up


Welcoming Remarks


General Session -- Ethics MCLE 


Breakout Sessions #1 (choose one AM session)


Visit with Exhibitors


Lunch, Keynote Address & Awards presentation


Breakout Sessions #2 (choose one PM session) 


General Session -- Ethics MCLE

Morning Breakout Session Descriptions:

Corporate Law (UCC Filings)
Helena Ledic, Esq.

“Best Practices for Corporate Transactions” Corporate transactions can come with a host of complex compliance and filing requirements that are often necessary to complete under tight time schedules. Therefore, it is critical that practitioners know best practices for these transactions. In this program, we will highlight some meaningful points to consider when working on corporate transactions and discuss relevant recent case law.

Criminal Law
Holly Halpern, Esq.

“You don’t have to say, ‘No’ for it to be a crime…The nuts and bolts of Prosecuting Sex Crimes.”

Employment Law
Elsa Banuelos, Esq.

“Conducting Internal Workplace Investigations” The seminar will cover the basics or conducting internal workplace harassment investigations, including interviewing techniques, report writing and attorney-client privilege issues.

Immigration Law
Nikki Jacobson, Esq.

“Introduction to Immigration Law” Detailed descriptions of the most common visa and immigration classifications.  You will also learn proven strategies for working with the many government agencies and regulatory bodies that oversee, interpret, and enforce immigration law, regulations, and policy.

Legal Research/Citations
Ryan Methany

“Dos and Don’ts of Legal Citation” The technical rules of how to cite cases and statutes can confuse even the most seasoned legal professional. Law firms must follow these rules in every document filed with a court – and so the legal professional with a firm grasp on Bluebook and Style Manual methods of citation can prove extremely valuable. In this class, students will learn to master the fundamentals of citing common types of legal authority.

Litigation Basics
Jamie Norman, Esq.

“Litigation Basics: Key Case-Handling Activities to Obtain a Favorable Settlement or Prepare for Trial” This Litigation MCLE will focus on the key activities that the litigation support team should be performing regarding Depositions, Retention of Expert Consultants, Dispositive Motions, Mediation, and Trial Preparation.

Workers’ Compensation Law
Shepard Jacobson, Esq.

“Workers’ Compensation Law”

Afternoon Breakout Session Descriptions:

Appellate Law
Rick Berger, Esq

“Appellate Filings:  Fundamentals for Ensuring that Your Briefs and Related Documents are Professional, Compliant and Timely Filed with the Court” Counsel Press will present the fundamentals for filing briefs, appendices and related documents in the California Courts of Appeal.  We will also touch on the CA Supreme Court as well as the 9th and 10th Circuits.  Focus will be on timing, formatting guidelines and both electronic and hard copy requirements associated with filing and serving these documents.

Body Camera Law
David Bozaninch, Esq.
Sean Tyler, ACP

“Body Worn Technology: The Present & Future State of Criminal Prosecution” Body worn technology is the largest change to criminal evidence since the advent of DNA testing. We will aim to present the future and increasingly the present state of electronic discovery in criminal cases. Body worn cameras, cloud-based storage, and other means of ESI are changing the way in which our office and other prosecuting agencies gather evidence, review evidence, share evidence, and use evidence.  From receiving evidence electronically, to redacting video and audio evidence, to sharing discovery electronically, to presenting such evidence in court along with its transcription, the present and future of discovery and evidence in criminal cases is evolving.

Environmental Law
Mitchell M. Tsai, Esq.

“Tools for Protecting Your Neighborhood” This lecture will discuss key environmental laws and policies in California as well as various elements for building an environmental case.

David Bobrosky, Esq.

“Beyond the Basics:  A Case Study Analysis of Liability Issues in Complicated Cases”.  Not every case is a straight forward, rear-end car accident.  Attorneys need to look at all angles to find responsible parties, especially when the injuries are significant.   David will present actual case studies to look at complicated liability issues in what otherwise may seem like a straight forward case.  This will include premises liability cases, dangerous conditions of public property, negligent entrustment, etc.  David will also analyze the different types of automobile insurance coverage and identify the coverage that you must have.

Probate Law
Kathleen Duke, Esq.

“PROBATE – Fiduciary Accounting for Probates, Trusts and Conservatorships (A Practical How-To Guide)” This presentation will describe the process of preparing a fiduciary accounting that similarly applies to accountings prepared in probate proceedings, trusts litigation, and conservatorships. As paralegals often prepare fiduciary accountings under the supervision of a probate attorney, Kathleen will take the mystery out of the process by taking you through the major steps in preparing a fiduciary accounting from the preparation of the initial inventory of assets, to the Summary of Account and accompanying schedules, as well as the preparation of the report that accompanies a fiduciary account. Kathleen will share insights gained by reviewing and preparing “probate notes” for numerous fiduciary accountings in her capacity as a Probate Attorney for the Probate Department of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Kathleen also served as the instructor of the quarterly Conservatorship Accounting class offered by the Los Angeles Superior Court during her tenure as a Probate Attorney. Her information and advice will help you prepare fiduciary accountings that not only comply with the Probate Code, but are also more easily understood and accepted by the court and less susceptible to challenge by beneficiaries and other interested parties.

Transactional Law
(Mergers & Acquisitions)

Eric Sloan, Esq.
Taylor Hathaway-Zepeda, Esq.

“Anatomy of an M&A Transaction”

Professional Development (CLA/ACP) - Doug Kuhn, ACP (NO MCLE)

(No MCLE Credit) - Learn how you can reach this mark of excellence at this year’s LAPA October Conference with speaker Doug Kuhn, CLA, who will share with you information about this prestigious exam, eligibility requirements, exam subject matter, the new format for this exam effective January 2018, requirements for taking the online exam, study methods and tips for successful completion.

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