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LAPA's 43rd Annual October Conference

  • 12 Oct 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Hilton Los Angeles North / Glendale & Executive Meeting Center, 100 West Glenoaks Boulevard, Glendale, California 91202


  • Students must show Student ID
  • Students must show their student ID

Saturday, October 12, 2019
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Hilton Los Angeles North / Glendale & Executive Meeting Center
100 West Glenoaks Boulevard
Glendale, California 91202

       LAPA Members:                   $120.00 (by October 5, 2019 - $145 after)
       Non-Members:                     $160.00 (by October 5, 2019 - $185 after)

       LAPA Student Members:      $100.00 (by October 5, 2019 - $125 after)
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Attend various legal seminars, meet with GREAT legal service providers, network, and much more!

Schedule of events:


Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibitors / Resume Tune-up


Welcoming Remarks


General Session -- Ethics MCLE 


Breakout Sessions #1 (choose one AM session)


Visit with Exhibitors


Lunch, Keynote Address & Awards presentation


Breakout Sessions #2 (choose one PM session) 


General Session -- Ethics MCLE

Morning Breakout Session Descriptions:

Contract Negotiations
Matthew Soskins, Esq.

“Performing and Surviving Internal Investigations” This presentation will discuss types of internal investigations, best practices, the attorney-client privilege, and remembering and prioritizing to whom duties are owed

Don Swanson
John M. Patzakis, Esq

“eDiscovery 2020 – Newest Trends in Identifying, Preserving, Processing, Reviewing and Producing.”  A fast-paced and educational presentation about what is new and different about electronic discovery today – and why every paralegal should know something about eDiscovery.  John Patzakis, X1 Discovery, and Don Swanson, Five Star Legal, have over 50 years combined litigation support experience and have presented around the country and the world.

Employment Law
Annette Barber, Esq.

“A Typical Day in the Workplace:  Sexual Harassment Awareness” The seminar will take the audience through a day at a fictional company to point out what may or may not be sexual harassment.

Health Care Law / HIPAA
Gayland Hethcoat, Esq.

"Health Care Law / HIPAA"

Litigation 101
Scott E. Rahn, Esq.
Sean Muntz, Esq.

“Pre-Trial Litigation” This presentation will be covering the basics of the beginning of a case, discovery, and motion practice.

Real Estate Law
Morvareed Z. Salehpour, Esq.

“Real Estate”

Afternoon Breakout Session Descriptions:

Billing Compliance & Ethical Responsibility
Jean Cha, Esq.

“The Honest Truth About Billing”

  • Ways we see our time increase, ethically
  • Terms to avoid
  • A form of communication with clients
  • No Value Billing
  • Everyone Is Doing It

Corporate Law (UCC Filings)
Helena Ledic, Esq.

“Best Practices for Corporate Filings” Join CSC to learn the steps you need to take in order to form an entity.  Among the topics we will discuss will be how you can determine if an entity is using a prohibited word in its name and why you may need to file name reservations in other states.  We will review how you can qualify an entity in a foreign jurisdiction and the importance of good standing certificates.   We will discuss normal processing times for the most common documents you may need to obtain and you will learn which documents may take significantly longer to obtain from a government office and what common mistakes cause filing delays. 

Intellectual Property
Ron Perez, Esq.

“Intellectual Property Comparison - Protecting a Superpower with Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights” This presentation will provide an overview of U.S. patents, trademarks and copyrights in a comparison and contrast format. Specific examples will be provided demonstrating how intellectual property rights are used to protect various aspects of a ‘superhero’, both fictional and real. The presentation will provide substantive intellectual property content applicable to other areas of commerce to provide the attending paralegal a new ‘superpower’, and some fun with this marvelous, incredible, amazing and wonderful area of the law.

Landlord / Tenant Law
Eric Bravo, Esq.

“Landlord / Tenant Law”

Litigation (Advanced)
David Gurnick, Esq.

“To Object or Not Object: Trial Evidence: Objections, Tactics and Strategies” Rules of Evidence govern what the judge and jury may consider at trial. This presentation will review evidentiary objections such as relevance, foundation, hearsay and privilege and what they mean for your case.  We will discuss tactics and strategies, when to object and when not to object, even though your objection would be valid.  We will review examples from film and tv.  

Probate Law
Kathleen Duke, Esq.

“Conservatorships 101 (A Practical How-To Guide)” This presentation will help participants understand what a conservatorship is, how to obtain a conservatorship through the California court system, the duties and legal reporting requirements of a conservator of the person and a conservator of the estate of a conserved individual, as well as the process to terminate a California conservatorship.  As conservatorships are largely established and administered using forms generated by the Judicial Council of California, paralegals are often responsible for the preparation of the documentation necessary to obtain and administer a conservatorship under the supervision of a probate attorney.  Kathleen hopes that by the conclusion of her presentation you will feel empowered to take on that task. 

Professional Development (CP) Ivan Zovogic, ACP (NO CLE)

(No MCLE Credit) - Learn how you can reach this mark of excellence at this year’s LAPA October Conference with speaker Ivan Zovogic, ACP, who will share with you information about this prestigious exam, eligibility requirements, exam subject matter, the new format for this exam effective January 2018, requirements for taking the online exam, study methods and tips for successful completion.

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